I am a software engineer, a professional at developing, deploying and monitoring software.

And I’m not alone.

There are more than 200,000 software engineers in Australia.

We are a young country, and the pace of change is fast.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ latest estimates show there were 1.2 million new jobs created in Australia last year, with the unemployment rate at 5.7 per cent.

But with so much of the digital economy being built, where are we going to be in the coming years?

What will software companies do with their vast skillset?

We’ve seen the impact of the Great Recession, and many businesses and governments have done little to help their workers and communities recover.

We need to be prepared to look ahead.

How do we prepare for the future?

This is where we should look to our digital future.

Digital jobs will continue to grow, and they will have a huge impact on our economy.

In the next few years, software developers will be building tools and software to support many of the jobs that digital technologies are creating.

It is not just that these jobs will create a digital economy of the future.

It’s also that software developers, especially software developers from emerging and underrepresented backgrounds, will create the next generation of software developers who will help create the digital workforce that will support us in the years ahead.

And the best software developers are also the ones who are best equipped to take the future into their own hands.

We will also need to look to the future to make sure we are creating an environment where people with disabilities are not discriminated against.

And we will need to make it easier for businesses to hire and retain talented digital talent.

The future is digital.

We’re going to build it together.

A good start is to look at how we can use technology to make digital better for all Australians.

This means more access to affordable, accessible software.

It means enabling businesses to build their software on the cloud, using software to run on any device.

It will mean using technology to create new ways to access, share and collaborate online.

It also means building digital infrastructure for people with disability.

The next step is to start thinking about how we will enable technology to be more accessible for everyone, including people with a disability.

This will involve developing software that makes it easy to use with the most basic of needs, and also includes tools to support people with cognitive impairment.

This should include accessible accessibility and accessibility technology, including adaptive accessibility technology and visual aids.

It should also include tools to enable people with visual impairments to work digitally.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Please fill out the survey.

The survey will take about five minutes to complete.

You can find out more about the survey and its objectives and privacy policy at http://www.digitalfuture.org.au/survey-content-faqs/internet-access-and-digital-careers-and…

The survey is no longer accepting responses.

Thank you.

For more information about the digital future survey, please visit http://digitalfuture,australia,digitalfuture_us_aus_aust.

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