What you should know about cyberthreats article A new U of S. cybersecurity strategy is expected to help the U. S. and other nations confront new threats from foreign governments and cybercriminals.

The cyberthreat strategy, known as the Strategic Concept for Cyberspace, or SCAD, is expected in May and will be a part of a $1.2 trillion budgeted National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019.

The goal of the strategy is to improve the U ofS.

Cyber Deterrence capability to deter, deter and defend against cyber threats, while also promoting a robust U. of S-based digital economy.

The SCAD is a framework that will help define the U’s cybersecurity capabilities in the future.

The new SCAD strategy outlines four priorities for the U, including:Cyber deterrence and response: Developing an operational strategy for cyber deterrence and responding to cyberattacks, including by deploying new technology to counter the cyberthreat;Developing a strategic cyber force and a cyber command and control system to support the force;Developning cyber strategies to support information technology systems and support the U-S-focused economy and U. s-focused workforce; andDeveloping strategies to defend the United States from cyberattacks.

The strategy is designed to be a shared set of strategic and operational objectives for the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency.

The U.s-focused national security workforce is an area of great concern for cyber adversaries, especially from foreign nations and criminals.

The Strategic Concept focuses on three areas:Cyberspace threats: Develop a strategy to defend against and respond to cyber attacks, including cyber-enabled threats;The cyber security environment: Develop strategies to build and sustain a cybersecurity environment in the U; and, the development and deployment of new cyber technologies to protect the U and its national security.

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