If you’ve been struggling with technical learning in your career, you might want to check out our list of technical lessons for those who want to gain a better understanding of the world of technology.

In our opinion, these lessons are perfect for any professional looking to learn about technology, especially those who are looking to work in an area with a higher tech focus.1.

Advanced Technology: A Practical Introduction to Computing from IBM and other companies2.

A Practically Practical Guide to Programming in C#, VB.NET, and VBScript3.

A Very Practical and Effective Guide to C# Programming4.

A Beginner’s Guide to Basic C# and Java Programming in Visual Basic5.

A Guide to Data Types in C++, C#6.

A Comprehensive Introduction to C++ Programming with the STL and STL2.

Advanced Programming in VB6.

The Complete Guide to Visual Basic and VBA7.

Advanced Topics in C and C++ with the C++ Standard Template Library8.

A Complete Guide and Practical Tutorial to VBA9.

Advanced Principles in Java Programming with Java SE and the JDK10.

A Professional’s Guide and Progression in Java11.

An Intermediate Guide to Java Programming and the Java Virtual Machine with the JD-EE Platform12.

A Quick Reference Guide to the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)13.

A Reference Guide for Intermediate Java Programmers14.

An Introduction to Data Structures with the Data Structured Programming Language (DSPL)15.

A Tutorial on the History of Programming Languages and Their Structure and Interpretation16.

An Integrated Course in Software Engineering (IEEE-802.1-2013)17.

A Course in Web Programming with W3C and the Internet Archive18.

A Master’s in Web Development with the W3CP19.

A Progressional Course in Database Programming with MySQL20.

A Lecture on the Structure and Implementation of the Internet Protocol (IP)21.

A Advanced Course in Programming Languages, Tools, and Frameworks with Python22.

A Study in Advanced Programming Languages for Data Science23.

A Intermediate Course in Java for Data Scientists and Data Scientists with the Java SE IDE24.

A Introduction to Programming with Perl25.

A Basic Course in Ruby26.

A Technical Mastery Course in Python27.

A Functional and Advanced Course on the Theory of Computing28.

A course on C++17.

Advanced Courses in C with C++14.

Advanced Tutorials on C#16.

Advanced Introductory Courses on C and its Standard Template Libraries17.

Intermediate Tutorials and Practicals on C Programming18.

Intermediate Practical Courses for Advanced C++ Developers19.

Intermediate Technical Mastery Courses of C++21.

Intermediate Intermediate Practicals and Tutorials22.

Intermediate Basic Course on Web Development and Data Science with WebApps23.

Advanced Intermediate Practies on Data Structuring and Data Mining with Data Science and Data Visualization24.

Advanced Practical Course on JavaScript with JavaScript and Web Applications25.

Advanced Technical Mastery Tutorial on Python26.

Advanced Advanced Intermediate Intermediate Course on Data Visualisation27.

Advanced Basic Course and Practices on the Language of Web Development28.

Advanced Course and Tutorial on Visual Basic with WebApplications29.

Advanced Mastery Tutorials of HTML5 and CSS3.

Intermediate Mastery Course and Intermediate Practics on HTML5 with HTML5-C, and CSS CSS3-C30.

Advanced Expertise on HTML and CSS2.

Intermediate Master’s and Advanced Professional courses on Web Applications31.

Advanced Master’s Course on HTML3.

Advanced Professional Course on CSS2 with HTML3-D32.

Advanced Developer’s Mastery Course on PHP3.

Master of Science Master’s Degree in Web Application Development33.

Advanced Masters in Web Applications Course with Web Applications34.

Advanced Beginners Course in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript35.

Advanced Web Developer Course with HTML4-C36.

Advanced Software Engineer Mastery Course with JavaScript37.

Advanced Learning Objectives (ML) course on web development38.

Intermediate Learnings in Web Framework Design and Development39.

Intermediate Advanced Web Development Mastery with HTML-C40.

Intermediate Web Development Master’s of Science in HTML4 with CSS-C41.

Advanced Learnings and Practics in Java and Ruby42.

Advanced Introduction to the History and Development of the Java Programming Language43.

Intermediate Beginners to Java Design and Analysis44.

Advanced Design Principles and Practices for Web Applications45.

Intermediate Developing Java Applications for Mobile and Mobile Web Developers46.

Advanced Knowledge of Java Design Patterns and Techniques47.

Intermediate Expertise in Java Design Theory and Practice48.

Intermediate Java and PHP Programming 49.

Intermediate Functional Programming 50.

Intermediate JavaScript 51.

Intermediate Data Structure Design and Implementation52.

Intermediate C++ 53.

Intermediate Programming with JavaScript 54.

Intermediate PHP 55.

Intermediate Python 56.

Intermediate CSS 57.

Intermediate HTML 58.

Intermediate SQL 59.

Intermediate Ruby 60.

Intermediate MySQL 61.

Intermediate XML 62.


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