A technical drawing exercise can be one of the most effective ways to improve your drawing skills, and the lessons offered by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences are designed to help you hone those skills.

“What we do is, we draw, we write and we illustrate the content of the lessons,” said Nancy G. Farrow, an associate professor of visual arts at Cornell University and a member of the American Association of Technical Education’s Technical Education Committee.

“The more you understand the content, the more effective the lessons are,” Farrow said.

The lessons cover topics like the basics of digital media, digital graphics, image processing, and visual communication.

“We do an interactive version of the drawing, we do a visual version of it, we have an interactive video,” she said.

“We do all of this to help people understand the basic principles.”

Farrow said the lessons offer more than just a chance to practice drawing.

“It’s also a way for people to practice thinking, to have questions, to reflect, and to look at how the materials they’re drawing are structured,” she explained.

The technical drawing class is designed for students of all ages, and it offers three learning objectives.

The first, “Basic Elements,” teaches students how to read, write and draw with basic drawing tools.

The second, “Color, Form, Color and Form,” teaches the basics about colors, form, and how to write with the basics.

The third, “Paint,” teaches a process that can be used in conjunction with the basic drawing class.

The AATE Technical Education committee created the course to help students understand the importance of understanding what is important in digital media.

“When you do a drawing, it’s very easy to understand, and there’s a lot of material on paper that can’t really be used for digital graphics,” Fawn said.

“I think it’s important for people in the digital media industry to understand what’s important.”

Fawn said many companies are starting to incorporate the technical drawing concepts into their products and services.

“Companies like Apple are really working with their digital design team to help them understand how they can take that information and make their products better,” she added.

“If they can understand what we are saying in terms of how they are creating and producing those products, that’s going to help a lot.”

For more information on the AATe Technical Education and the American School of Technical Communication, visit the American school of technical communication.

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