Technical lessons for people who are tech-challenged, and technical difficulties lessons for those who are trying to overcome the difficulties of the technology.

They will teach you how to use the tech in your life to achieve your goals and give you practical tips to make sure you’re using the best of the best.

I’m a technologist, so I’m going to show you how you can use a new technology to solve a problem you may have and how you may not be aware of how it works. 

What you’ll learn: How to: Make use of the latest technology and get to know it. 

How to: Get into the mindset of someone who wants to use technology to their advantage. 

Why: Why should you use a technology you can’t control? 

What to do: How do you stay motivated to use something you can control?

What to expect: What the tech world has to offer, and what you should avoid. 

Who to talk to: A technologist who wants a practical and hands-on technical advice. 

Resources: You will learn: Information on how to get started using a new software technology. 

Information about the different types of technology that will be available to you. 

The types of tools that can be used to create and use new software. 

Access to a wide range of resources that will help you learn about the technologies you’ll be using. 

Where to find more information: There are lots of good resources out there, but I recommend you check out and

If you’re looking for some free or discounted technical information, you can find it on my Tech-Tutorials page.

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