An Al Jazeera translation of a lesson book in which students draw a 3D cartoon in less than two minutes is available to purchase for £2.99.

The course, titled “Art and Drawing”, teaches students how to draw characters, backgrounds and objects in two and a half minutes, in addition to a tutorial on basic computer programming.

A teacher explains: “This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn to draw and create, but it is particularly useful for people who are interested in developing their artistic skills.

The material is designed to provide an excellent introduction to the fundamental concepts behind drawing, but with the help of practical exercises to help students learn about the technical aspects of drawing.”

A student who signs up for the course says: “I started this course when I realised how easy it was to draw on a computer.

I thought I would just spend my time doing the same, but I have learned a lot about drawing over the last few years.”

In the lesson, the students draw three objects: a character, a bird, and a ball.

They use the brush tool to create a 3d object and then apply a mask, to add a bit of depth and detail to the object.

The teacher says: “[We want] students to be able to draw with ease and confidence.

You can make the characters, the birds, and even the ball move and change in real time.”

According to the publisher, the book contains lessons in basic drawing techniques, as well as technical drawings and animations that will help students develop their skills.

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