In an effort to promote the creation of the technical documents, the Jerusalem Post has created a template for each of the major fields of science and technology, including science and engineering, architecture and engineering and physics and mathematics.

In the technical lesson, the authors explain how to create technical documents using the HTML and CSS techniques and how to publish them on the Internet.

The template is a collaboration between the Jerusalem Public Library and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and will be available in English and Hebrew versions on Monday.

They are also releasing a series of other technical papers that they plan to publish through the Jerusalem Technical College of Education.

For example, they plan on publishing a series on the creation and development of computers and other technologies that are intended to enable the creation, maintenance and operation of autonomous and semi-autonomous systems.

“There are more than 1.2 million students enrolled in technical courses in the schools and colleges, and there are more then 200 technical schools and universities that teach technical courses,” said Eran Cohen, the head of the Jerusalem Technology Center, which has been developing the template for the past two years.

“In order to increase the number of students who can study technical courses, we want to expand the technical course offerings to more universities, and create a new program that allows the creation [of technical documents].”

Cohen noted that the template will also allow people who do not study a particular field of science or technology to become involved in the creative process and provide feedback for the creation.

“I believe that the technical process should not only be in a public domain, but it should be open to everybody,” he said.

“So we need to do everything possible to open the process to everybody.”

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