IT professionals often worry about security, privacy and the overall security of their computer networks.

But when it comes to cybersecurity, they also worry about being targeted by criminals.

A growing body of evidence shows that the IT industry is vulnerable to attackers and spies, especially those with access to the tools and tools systems.

A report published in February by the security firm McAfee and security firm CrowdStrike shows that nearly half of all breaches in the IT sector are perpetrated by hackers and malware.

It’s a trend that will likely grow in the coming years, with the advent of IoT devices and other advances in information security.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, a security expert who was not named, said that most cyberattacks involve “malware” that runs on a person’s computer system.

“It’s a lot more sophisticated than people realize,” said the cybersecurity expert, who was part of the group that authored the report.

The research also shows that “most attacks are designed to cause maximum damage,” such as to data, personal data or financial assets.

McAfee researchers also analyzed data on 2,400 attacks across the world that were perpetrated between September 2015 and March 2016, and found that cybercriminals had exploited more than 4,700 vulnerabilities in over 4,500 organizations worldwide.

The researchers said they have not yet identified any vulnerabilities that would allow a hacker to penetrate the computers of large organizations.

The report also shows “a clear trend of increased targeting of individuals,” said Christopher Krebs, cybersecurity editor at KrebsOnSecurity.

It appears to be the case for the IT professionals who are most vulnerable, he said.

KrebsOnsecurity has also identified hundreds of attacks by hackers who masquerade as corporate or government officials, and they have taken a particularly extreme form.

They typically target IT professionals and their workstations.

“They take advantage of a common flaw in the security of a company or government computer network,” Krebs wrote in a blog post.

These types of attacks have a clear and present danger to their victims, and a clear, present danger for those who are targeted.

“They will exploit the weakness of a critical system that is a target of their attack, such as a server, network or office network,” he wrote.

“These attacks will also seek to use this weakness to gain access to other systems in a targeted manner.

The attacker can then use these other systems to gain the access to a target’s data, and to steal their personal data, including passwords, financial information, or other sensitive information.

In some cases, the attackers will even try to hide their identity and use the data for other nefarious purposes.”

Krebbs said that these attacks are also known as “fraudulent compromise.”

“Fraudulent compromises have historically been the domain of criminals,” he said, but “it appears that hackers are increasingly targeting the IT-related sectors of the economy, where a large number of IT systems are used.”

The threat posed by hackers is a complex one, with no single agency or government agency alone to combat the threat.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is responsible for protecting the nation’s computer systems and data, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also involved.

The Department of Defense has its own cybersecurity mission, which also includes protecting military networks, the president and his family, and foreign affairs.

The cybersecurity industry is “in a constant state of flux,” said Marc Hochberg, chief technology officer for McAfee.

“There’s always new ways of attacking systems and vulnerabilities, but they’re very difficult to detect, because they are usually not detected by the organizations that are responsible for them.

The problem is that the attack vectors are complex, and you need a lot of people who know a lot about computer security to be able to detect them.”

Hochberg said that companies need to be proactive in identifying the attacks, and that the cyberthreat is “not something that is going to go away anytime soon.”

The problem is “that the attack vector is complex, so you need to have a lot and a lot,” he added.

“The threat is real, and it is going on right now, and we have to take advantage and be prepared.”

Hogan said that the best defense against cyberattacks is to have “a lot of the right people around you who are very well-versed in the technology and the systems you’re going to use.”

“You have to have people who are in the trenches, who are aware of what’s happening, who have experience and who are prepared to take responsibility for what they’re doing,” he told Bloomberg News.

“We’re going in a lot bigger than what is currently known to be a very small group of people.

We’re going through a big change in our society.”

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