A technical drawing lesson is an instruction or practice that teaches you how to draw, using one of several types of drawing tools, and is designed to teach you the skills you need to use in the professional world.

The subject of technical drawing in general, and technical drawing as a specific discipline, has been discussed by some people as a way to learn new skills and techniques in a more systematic way.

There are a number of technical drawings available online and in the classroom.

While the technical drawing content is very limited, there are a lot of good resources available.

Here are a few of my favourite online tutorials and resources.


The Basics: How to draw with a pen and a pencil for beginners The first and most popular technical drawing course on the internet, The Basics is designed for beginners.

It has over 10 hours of video tutorials covering basic technical drawing and is ideal for any student wanting to learn the fundamentals of drawing.

This course has been created by a team of professionals who have been training for over 30 years.

You will learn basic technical skills such as how to line up lines, draw shapes, draw outlines, and more.


Drawing With Pencils and Pencil Sharpies: A Hands-On Approach to Drawing with a Pencil This tutorial by artist/designer and designer, Kaitlin, is aimed at anyone who is interested in learning to draw.

The video tutorials focus on using pencils, erasers and a pen to draw the outline and colour of a sketch or drawing.

You will learn about the basics of drawing using these tools, including line, colour and stroke colour, while also gaining a better understanding of the principles behind the technique.


The Pencil: A Tool for Drawing Basic Techniques in A Sketchbook The Pen Tool by author and illustrator, Mark Bittman, is a popular tool for beginners and students who want to learn to draw on paper.


Drawing Using the Pencil and Paper: A Pen Tool for a Basic Sketchbook This tutorial is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn basic drawing skills and a good way to introduce the concepts of drawing on paper to students and those new to the art form.


Drawing Basics: Drawing Techniques and Techniques to Learn How to Draw Using a Pen Tool and a Pen Sharpie This is the first tutorial on the site and is one of my favourites.

It focuses on drawing with the pen, paper and pencil and how they relate to each other.


Basic Drawing: Drawing the Face in One Second A basic drawing lesson by artist and designer Ben Ketchum, who is also the designer of the website, Ben Katchum, has over 2 hours of videos covering the fundamentals.

This is a good resource for any beginner who wants a good basic drawing tutorial.


Drawing the Basics: The Basics for Beginners This tutorial from author and artist and educator, Lisa, is designed especially for those who want a quick introduction to the basics.

It covers all the basic drawing fundamentals, from how to shape a sketch to the colour of the lines.


Basic drawing: Drawing with Pencil on a Pen Paper: How It Works, and How to Use It This tutorial focuses on the basics with a quick step-by-step tutorial that covers all of the basic drawings and drawing methods.

It is a quick, easy and quick introduction for the most basic drawing techniques and basic drawing tools.


Drawing Techniques: How To Draw a Line This tutorial teaches the basics in drawing lines with a pencil and paper.

It’s a good introduction to basic drawing, and a great way to get a feel for basic drawing.

This tutorial was created by artist, Mark, and designer Lisa.


Drawing Lessons: Basic Drawing Lessons, with Mark Bitterman This video tutorial is another great resource that focuses on basic drawing with a digital pen and pencil.

It teaches you basic drawing basics, including lines, shapes and colours, and includes a number visual exercises that show you how different drawing techniques work.


Basic, Beginner and Advanced Drawing: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Techniques This tutorial covers the basics, basics and advanced drawing techniques for all levels of drawing and allows for a wide range of techniques and concepts to be learned.


Basic Drawings: Basic Basics This is an excellent beginner’s drawing tutorial that teaches basic drawing concepts and provides a fun introduction to all the basics and basic techniques.


Basic and Advanced Drawings Lessons: Beginners and Advanced Lessons with Mark Ketchums Mark Katchums is a visual artist, graphic designer and illustrators best known for his works for Glamour magazine.

He has designed a number successful projects, including his series of illustrated books, The Artist’s Life.


Basic & Advanced Drawing Lessons: Advanced Drawing Lessons This is one great resource with lessons for intermediate and advanced learners.

The lessons cover basic,

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