The Google app was first introduced in December 2015 and has been widely used since then.

It is a digital personal assistant that gives users a digital assistant that they can ask questions, get help, and share information.

The app is also used by many large companies including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and many others.

On Tuesday, Google confirmed that the Google App would be getting an update on its Android version, Google Assistant.

The app is a smart assistant that can answer questions and quickly reply to them in an email, call, and SMS.

It works on Android devices and is powered by Google’s own cloud platform.

This means the Google Assistant is not dependent on a smartphone.

However, the app has been plagued by a series of security issues that have affected millions of users, and Google has removed the app from Google Play in order to address the problems.

In a post on the Google Help Forums, the company announced that Google Assistant would be moving to a new Google app called “Google Assistant for Android” that would replace the old Google App.

It will be updated in the coming months.

Google Assistant will continue to be available on the Play Store for Android devices.

It currently includes Google Voice, Google Photos, Google Maps, and the Google Home app.

Google Assistant for iOS is also available.

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