The RTE is looking for someone to help create technical technical support courses, using the latest technical tools, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, and to help teach new technical students.

The technical support teaching team will work in partnership with an existing Technical Support team and provide support in the following areas:What can be taught:The technical training will be taught using the Adobe Adobe Creative suite.

The students will be encouraged to use their own resources and develop their own skills using the tools provided by Adobe, to provide a unique learning experience.

The main topics of the course will be:The course will include a hands-on project.

The instructor will provide support with help in the creation of the project and the final project.

Students will have the opportunity to apply their own knowledge and experience to create the project.

What the students will learn:The basic concepts of how to develop an electronic workstation, such to set up a web server, edit documents and write code.

The application of Adobe’s Creative Suite to the development of technical support.

The fundamentals of using the web-based software, including the web browsers and the Adobe Cloud.

The process of developing a web application.

What is included:The following will be included in the course:The full Adobe Creative Support Course.

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