The NHL is on the hunt for a new director of player personnel, and there are a lot of reasons to believe it will be someone from outside the league.

The search has been going on for a few months, and now the NHL’s executive committee has announced a series of meetings over the next several weeks.

Here are some of the things to know about the search process:Who will lead the search?

The search will be led by the NHLPA’s executive director of hockey operations.

The NHLPA is a group of 15 union representatives.

The union has been working for months to build a relationship with the NHL, which is why it held a meeting with NHL executives and the players’ association to establish a meeting plan last year.

The league has been trying to build the trust of its players and players’ union, which has been vocal in its opposition to the salary cap and player arbitration system, and it has tried to create a working relationship with both parties.

So who will be the person in charge of the search and hiring?

“It’s going to be a combination of our union representatives and the general manager,” the NHL said in a statement.

“The GM has the most responsibility, but we will also look at what other people in the organization are doing.

The GM is also going to make decisions on a lot more than just salary cap.

There are a number of other issues, including the number of games and the number and type of players that are playing in the league.”

Will it be an independent committee?


The only person who will ultimately be in charge will be Commissioner Gary Bettman, who will report to the NHL executive committee.

The NHLPA and NHL players’ agent are the only parties that will make up the NHL Executive Committee.

This is a big change from what the league did last year when the search was led by Bettman.

The new committee has the authority to select the NHL Commissioner and other senior league officials, as well as appoint the executive director.

The team that makes the final call on the search will then have two weeks to find a candidate.

The players’ associations will be consulted, but the players have a strong interest in seeing their representatives in charge.

The owners of each team will have a say in the process, but they will not be able to control who gets hired.

Players’ associations, however, have said they want their representatives on the executive committee, and they are hoping that will happen.

Who will be appointed to the executive search?

It is a secret ballot, and Bettman will announce his choice.

The selection will be made by the general managers of the teams involved in the search, but Bettman and his team will make the final decisions.

There will be no compensation for the hiring of a new executive director, but that could change.

Bettman said he will not give a salary cap increase as a reason for keeping a new hire on staff, but it is clear the league wants to get an increase in salary cap space to balance the books.

If there is an offer, the NHL will likely negotiate for it, but only after Bettman is done.

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