This article first appeared in The Irish Mail.

It is a translation of a speech given by Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the opening of the OECD-led OECD-HELPS Summit in Helsinki on September 27.

The TaoiseACH is one of the key members of the summit, which aims to promote an open, global and equitable global economy.

Speaking at the summit at the Finland International Convention Centre in Helsinki, Taoiseaach Kenny said that it is time to build on the great achievements made by our country in the 20th century and to build a new international economy, and an economy that works for everyone, including the poorest of the poor, people who live in the most remote parts of the world and those who are already living in poverty.

“We have to learn to embrace innovation and new approaches, but the best way to do that is to understand our country and to make sure that we have the right incentives, the right policies and the right institutions to support it,” the TaoiseAtheltic said.

“There is so much to learn about innovation and how we can improve our economy and our people.

This is why I am here.

I hope the OECD Summit will help us do this.”

The Taoizeach said the summit aims to build upon the good work done by the OECD and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which together have been instrumental in building an open global economy and a modern, democratic and equitable one.

He said the OECD has worked to achieve an open and transparent global economy, which enables countries to access global markets and create jobs, while making the world more equitable.

“It has helped create a new world order, where all countries share responsibility for ensuring the well-being of their people,” he said.

In his speech, the Taoizeacademy of Arts and Sciences’ Professor Pádraig Ó Tuathaigh also spoke of the importance of developing an international trade policy, and how the OECD’s trade policy can help the country create more jobs, and more opportunities for people.

He noted that there is a need to ensure that we are in a position to support the Irish economy in a global economy that is in need of strong and consistent international leadership.

“The fact is that there are now over 200 countries in the world with the potential to be the leaders of the 21st century, and this includes Ireland,” he explained.

“And we can do more to promote our national interests and national identity through a global trade policy that works in all the regions and countries, and supports our economy.”

If we are to create a more just world, we have to be able to share prosperity and security in the future.

We must be able in the global community to achieve our collective goals, such as global leadership and prosperity,” he added.”

Ireland’s contribution to this global economy must be reflected in our national policies.

The world is our home, and we should make sure we respect our own national interest in this regard,” the lecturer said.

Earlier, in his speech at the Summit, Taoiseada Kenny said the government would make it easier for families to make the right decisions for their children by ensuring that people who have not been educated are given a fair chance at education.”

People should be able, not be told they cannot, to get the best education, not get a good job, not to be told there is no future for them in the job market,” he told the Summit.”

That is a basic principle that we should be trying to build in every sector of society, in every area of society,” he continued.”

In this new economic age, it is essential that we build in the ability of every single person to be capable of finding the right career and to find the right partner and partner in the right country,” he stressed.”

This is not a problem that we will solve by looking at education, this is a problem we will address by looking into how we build our economy, how we get people into work, and help people to have a better life in the 21th century,” he concluded.

The OECD-HLP Summit will continue through to October 5.

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